We truly believe that good dental health starts early. Children need to learn the proper way to care for their teeth even at a young age. They need to brush their teeth twice daily and floss at least once daily (though they will probably need help with this).

It is also important for children who are growing to see the dentist regularly. We like to professionally clean their teeth, removing all of the tartar and plaque that may be building up. We then polish them so that they shine. For most children, we also offer a fluoride treatment, which helps their teeth continue to be strong.

During the cleaning we also perform a thorough examination. We want to catch any problems early so that we can start treatment right away. We look for overcrowding, bad bites, and more. Children commonly get cavities, especially if they are not very good at brushing their teeth.

If your child has a problem with overcrowding, bad bites, or anything else, we will start to develop a treatment plan to fix whatever the issue is. The sooner we start to fix the problems, the easier they will be to treat. We may not have to be as aggressive in treating a problem if we begin early, and you should see results fairly quickly.

Once your child has been treated, you may notice that he or she is able to eat and speak better. Though your child might not have told you, he or she might have been in pain, so you may see quite a difference with treatment. Be sure to schedule your child’s dental appointments regularly and work with him or her on practicing good oral care at home to ensure he or she has a healthy mouth right from the start!